27 October—10 December 2018


No Comment

ACHAA projects is pleased to present No Comment, recent work by Sacha Eckes. Brash, boldly executed and rife with contradictions, Eckes’ work takes on the history of art and the mechanisms of artistic celebrity with unapologetic brio. Her work embraces a variety of media, from posters and print advertisements to pages from books, canvas, found objects and more.

Language has always been important in Sacha Eckes’ oeuvre, and in No Comment word and image are deftly deployed to skewer the fraught relations of power, gender and creativity that traverse the art world. The weight of Western art history, largely a patriarchal affair, enters the picture in the form of proxies – mainly male artists – from Rubens and Rembrandt to Tuymans and Fabre, giving the exhibition a distinctly Antwerpian twist. Their presumed authority is shrugged off with a nudge and a wink – and an evil giggle that would make Beavis and Butthead proud. Though it is easy to be swept away by Eckes’ typically ribald humor – viewers are often surprised to discover that the artist is a woman – the salty crust conceals an immense vulnerability and a need to come to grips with a complex world whose contradictions are at times overwhelming.



Sacha Eckes (b. 1971, Bruges, Belgium) received a BA in printmaking from the Saint Lucas College of Art in Ghent in 1993 before heading west to San Francisco, where she worked as a freelance artist and curator before returning to Ghent for her MFA at Saint Lucas in 2010-2011. She has exhibited widely in San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Detroit, Ghent, Antwerp and Waregem (BE). She is currently represented by Bruthaus Gallery in Waregem (www.bruthausgallery.be).